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2017 Show - Location Format  
May 13 Anthony Wayne Cat Fanciers - Ann Arbor, MI 5AB/1SP Archives
May 13 North Pacific Siamese Fanciers - Issaquah, WA 5AB/1SP  
May 13 Cat Fanciers' Soc of Indonesia - Bogor, Indonesia 5AB/1SP  
May 14 Pearl River Cat Club - Foshan, China 3AB/1SP  
May 20 Almost Heaven Cat Club and Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers - Charleston, WV 5AB/1SP Archives
May 20 Delight Cat Fanciers - Tokyo, Japan 6AB  
May 20-21 Mimi Got Swag Club - Changsha, China 6AB/2SP  
May 20-21 Great West China Cat Fanciers and King Kong China Cat Club - Sozhou, China 6AB/2SP  
May 21 Passion Feline Fanciers - Malang, Indonesia 5AB/1SP  
May 21 Cat Fanciers of Korea - Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea 4AB  
May 27 Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers - Cambridge, ON Canada 5AB/1SP CLOSED      
May 27 Superstition Cat Fanciers - Phoenix, AZ 5AB/1SP  
May 27 Tianjin Feiming Cat Club - Beijing, China 5AB/1SP  
May 27-28 Shanghai Cat Lovers' Society - Guangzhou, China 5AB/1SP  
June 3-4 Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers - Parkville, MD 6AB/2SP        
June 3-4 China Purepet Club - Fuzhou, China 5AB/2SP      
June 10-11 Gulf Shore Regional - Houston, TX 6AB/2SP      
June 10-11 Southern Regional - Roanoke, VA 6AB/2SP        
June 10-11 China Radar Cat Fanciers - Xi'An, China 5AB/1SP    
June 10-11 Liao Ning Cat Fanciers Club - Shenyang, China 5AB/2SP    
June 11 Japan Tonkinese Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan 5AB/1SP        
June 17 Southwest Region - Phoenix, AZ 4AB/2SP      
June 17-18 Anshan Asia Cat Club - Anshan, China 6AB/2SP    
June 18 Cat Fanciers of Finland - Kerava, Finland 3AB    
June 17-18 North Atlantic Regional - Matamoras, PA 7AB/3SP        
June 24 L&L Cat Club - Beijing,China 5AB/1SP    
June 24-25 Great Lakes Regional - Akron, OH 6AB/2SP        

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