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2019 Show - Location Format  
Nov 23 Frontier Feline Fanciers - Gardner, KS 5AB/1SP CLOSED    
Nov 23 Poinsettia City Cat Club - Gelndale, CA 5AB/1SP    
Nov 23 Cat Fashion - Gush Dan, Israel 2AB  
Nov 23 Cat Advocates & Troupers Society - Malaysia 4AB  
Nov 23-24 The Bengal Alliance and Abyssinian Midwest Breeders - Medina, OH 6AB/2SP CLOSED      
Nov 23-24 Club Felino Espanol - Madrid, Spain 8AB/2SP  
Nov 30 UK Cat Fanciers - Eching, Germany 3AB/2SSP/1SP-CH
Nov 30-Dec 1 Cat Fanciers of Korea - South Korea 7AB/1SP      
Dec 7 Brazos Valley Cat Club - Orange, TX 5AB/1SP      
Dec 7-8 Cat Club of the Palm Beaches - Sanford, FL 6AB/2SP      
Dec 7-8 Ohio State Persian - Columbus, OH 7AB/3SP        
Dec 7-8 Greater Baltimore Cat Club - Parkville, MD 6AB/2SP      
Dec 7-8 Lewis & Clark LH Specialty - Portland, OR 6AB/2SP          
Dec 7-8 Khao Manee Cat Club - LaSyne Sur Mer, France 4SSP/2SP-CH
Dec 7-8 Edelweiss Cat Club - Russia 3AB/3SSP-CH6AB KIT/PR    
Dec 7-8 Java Feline Society - West Java, Indonesia 7AB/1SP    
Dec 8 Nishi Nihon Cat Club - Osaka, Japan 6AB      
Dec 8 New Era Feline Alliance Club - Hong Kong 6AB      
Dec 14 Just Cat in Around Cat Fanciers - Monroe, MI 5AB/1SP    
Dec 14-15 Phoenix Feline Fanciers, Ic. - Mesa, AZ 6AB/2SP        
Dec 14-15 Felinus International - Helchteren, Belgium 3AB/3SSP/2SP-CH
Dec 21 Show and Tell Cat Club - Mesquite, TX 5AB/1SP      
Dec 21 Straight and Curl Cat Club - Morgantown, PA 4AB/2SP        
Dec 21 Japan Shaded Fancier's - Tokyo, Japan 5AB/1SP    
Dec 21 Cat Advocates & Troupers Society - Malaysia 3AB/1SSP      
Dec 22 Burmilla Enthusiasts of America - Morgantown, PA 4AB/2SP        

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