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Houston Cat Club 1/7-8/17    
Vermont Fancy Felines 1/14/17  
Crown City Cat Club 1/14-15/17  
Tornado Alley Feline Fanciers 1/14/17  
Cat Club of the Palm Beaches 1/14-15/17    
Club Felins Fleur De Lys 1/15/17  
Frontier Feline Fanciers and Topeka Cat Fanciers 1/15/17  
Cleveland Persian Society 1/21/17    
Cleveland Persian Society 1/22/17    
Birmingham Feline Fanciers 1/28-29/17    
Star City Cat Fanciers and Central Carolina Cat Fanciers 1/28-29/17  
Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers 1/28-29/17  
San Diego Cat Fanciers' Food & Water Bowl 1/28-29/17    
K-Cats 2/3/17  
K-Cats 2/4/17  
Pawprints In The Sand and Chamberlin On The Bay Cat Fanciers 2/4/17  
Wichita Cat Fancy, Inc 2/4-5/17  
Steel City Kitties 2/11/17    
Hawkeye State Cat Club 2/11/17    
Absolutely Abyssinians Cat Club 2/11-12/17    
Steel City Kitties 2/12/17    
Kittyhawk Felines 2/18/17    
Black Diamond Cat Club and Ramapo Cat Fanciers 2/18-19/17    
Call of The Wild 2/18-19/17    
Malibu Cat Club 2/25/17  
Wildcatters Cat Club 2/25/17    
Lincoln State Cat Club 2/25-26/17    
National Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club 2/25-26/17    
Genesee Cat Fanciers Club 3/4-5/17  
Illini Cat Club 3/4-5/17    
Tails And No Tales Cat Club 3/4-5/17    
Crab and Mallet Cat Club 3/11/17  
Las Flores Cat Club and Marina Allbreed Cat Club 3/11/17  
Mo-Kan Cat Club 3/11/17    
Atlanta Phoenix Cat Society 3/11-12/17    
Crab and Mallet Cat Club 3/11/17  
Coastal Paws Cat Club 3/18/17    
Ozark Cat Fanciers 3/18/17    
Warwick Valley Feline Fanciers 3/18/17    
Coastal Paws Cat Club 3/19/17    
Cat's Incredible Inc. and Hudson Valley Cat Club 3/25/17    
Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club 3/25/17    
Los Colores Cat Club 3/25/17  
Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers Inc 3/25-26/17  
Cat's Incredible Inc. and Ragamuffin Cat Fanciers & Atlantic Himalayan Club 3/26/17    
Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club 4/1/17    
Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers 4/1-2/17  
Gasparilla Feline Friends 4/8/17    
Just Cat-In Around Cat Fanciers 4/8/17    
Delaware River Cats 4/8/17  
Puget Sound Cat Club and McKenzie River Cat Club 4/8-9/17  
Foot of The Rockies Cat Club 4/8-9/17  
Jardin Des Korats and Cat-H-Art 4/8-9/17  
Mad Catters 4/15/17  
North Texas Cat Club 4/15/17  
Cincinnati Cat Club 4/15-16/17  
Fort Worth Cat Club 4/16/17  

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