TWO Days of Family Fun!
Saturday 10am – 5pm • Sunday 9am – 3pm

  • Meet & Greet CFA’s Cats; new breeds & your familiar favorites. You'll see many popular breeds like beautiful longhair Persians, big Maine Coons, robust American Shorthairs & sleek Siamese; and unusal breeds like kinky coated Devon & Cornish Rex; slinky Oriental Shorthairs, Exotics, Birmans, Turkish Angoras and many other breeds!
  • A “Supermarket” of Cat related items for sale. Cat toys, cat furniture, cat beds,
    grooming supplies, artwork, collectables, clothes, jewelry and much more.
    Want to Enter YOUR pet in the Household Pet competition?
    Contact Shirley 410-679-1873 for additional information
    Adults $8, Seniors & Children under 12 $6, Family of 4 $25

  • $1 OFF Coupon
    Directions to the Show
    Print a Spectator Guide
    Show Guide for Kids
    Household Pet Info

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