Nancy Dodds - AB/HHP/VET
Barbara Jaeger - AB/HHP/VET
Laura McIntyre - AB/HHP/VET
Darrell Newkirk - AB/HHP/VET
Gary Powell - AB/HHP/VET
Marilee Griswold - SP/HHP/VET

EARLY BIRD (BEFORE 3/5/18) Kittens, Championship, Premiership & HHPs
1st Entry $52; 2nd Entry $47; 3rd Entry & Subsequent Entries $37
ENTRY FEES (3/6-19/18)
1st Entry (includes catalog) $57
2nd Entry (same owner) $52
3rd Entry & subsequent Entries $42
Veterans, Misc & AOV Entries $37
Cage Size 36" x 24" x 27"
Exhibition or For Sale $20 each cage
Grooming Space (limited **) $25
End of Row $20
Returned Check Fee $35

Rhonda Avery
P.O. Box 6700
Oxnard, CA 93031
Phone: 805-443-1311
John Snedden snedmon@aol.com
Phone: 909-844-5108
March 19, 2018 or when show fills with 225 entries (whichever is first)

Entry & Payment Info: Entries are accepted now. Entry Fees include CFA & Regional surcharges. Per show rule 6.21 each entry must be accompanied by the stipulated entry fee. All online/fax entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. If not paid within 10 days there will be an additional $10 fee; if not paid by March 24, 2018 there will be an additional $25 fee. Make checks payable to: Los Colores Cat Club. No postdated checks will be accepted. We accept PAYPAL remittance address is entries@loscolorescatclub.com. Please note the club is NOT responsible for PayPal fees for funds submitted incorrectly. No substitutions after the closing date. No refunds after the entry clerk has confirmed your entry or for failure to bench. Check your confirmation for accuracy and contact the entry clerk with any corrections BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE. In the event the show fills before closing, the club will accept entries for a waiting list as follows: Any entry received with payment in full will be given priority, followed by email entries with a time and date header. Please note; the Entry Clerk's Hotmail account is monitored 6 weeks prior to the show, through the show date only. If you need to contact the entry clerk prior to this time please use rhondajavery@yahoo.com DO NOT SUBMIT ENTRIES TO THE YAHOO ACCOUNT.
Grooming Spaces **Groom spaces limited to first 20 paid spots. Spaces will be added as count allows.
Scoring: All entries in Championship (except Novice), Premiership (except Novice), registered Kittens, recorded Household Pets, and registered cats competing as Household Pets with an Household Pet color class prefix will be scored for CFA awards. Owners of novices can contact the entry clerk for a temporary registration number. Kittens may be entered without registration numbers, but will not be scored for CFA awards if a number is not provided at show time. Kittens without a registration number or TRN will not be included in the count.
Show Hall: Palm Springs Leisure Center, 401 S. Pavilion Way, Palm Springs. Show hall is air conditioned or heated, depending upon the weather, and has ample parking. Smoking is not permitted in the show hall. From the west, take I-10 and exit Hwy. 111 into the city, turning left on Vista Chino, right on Sunrise, left on Baristo and right at the first stop sign. From the east, take I-10 to the Date Palm exit. Follow signs to Date Palm Dr., turn left. Go to Vista Chino and turn right, then left on Sunrise, left on Baristo and right at the stop sign.
Show Hours: Early check-in on Friday, March 23, 2017 from 4 to 5 pm. Saturday check-in from 8:30 to 9:30 am. Come early and join us for homemade waffles! Mark will be serving breakfast and lunch, stay tuned for details. Judging begins promptly at 10 am. Advertised show hours are 10 am to 5 pm. No cage may be dismantled without the show managerís approval until all judges have completed their finals. GRAND PARTIES with show manager permission only and will be limited to dessert and beverages after 2 pm.
Health: This is a non-vetted show. It is strongly advised that all cats or kittens entered or present in the show hall be inoculated before entry by a licensed veterinarian against feline panleukopenia (formerly known as feline distemper or feline infectious enteritis), feline rhinotracheitis, Calicivirus and rabies. It is also strongly recommended that cats and kittens be tested and found negative for FeLV before entry. All cats/kittens must have all claws clipped prior to benching. Declawed cats are not eligible for competition
Amenities: Litter will be provided. Please bring your own litter trays, food, and dishes. CAGES: Cages are California singles, 36" wide, 24" deep, and 27" high. No more than one cat or two kittens may be benched in the same cage.
Awards: Ribbons and rosettes will be awarded in accordance with CFA show rules. Permanent flats will be used with satin flats available upon request. For a copy of the current CFA show rules, send $7 to the Cat Fancierís Association, 260 E Main St. Alliance, OH 44601 or go to http://www.cfa.org/Portals/0/documents/forms/16-17show-rules.pdf
HHPs: All entries must be at least 4 months old; all entries 8 months or older must be neutered or spayed. Entries may not be declawed. Contact the show manager if this is your first show and you have questions.
Veterans: Must be CFA pedigree/registered cats and at least 7 years old to be entered in this class.
Hotel Info: Pet friendly hotels in the area are: Motel 6, Holiday Inn & Vagabond Inn. This is peak season in Palm Springs. Hotel prices and space are at a premium, so make your reservations now. You can always cancel them if you decide not to attend the show.

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