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2015 Show - Location Format  
Mar 21 Warwick Valley Feline Fanciers - Matamoras, PA 5AB/1SHSP      
Mar 21 Coastal Paws Cat Club- Raleigh, NC 5AB/1SP        
Mar 21 Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers - Youngwood, PA 5AB/1SP      
Mar 21 Asia Pacific Cat Club - Petaling Jaya, Mayaysia 6AB    
Mar 21-22 Idaho Cat Fanciers - Boise, ID 8AB  
Mar 21-22 Nishi Nihon Cat Club - Osaka, Japan 6AB/2SP    
Mar 21-22 Rolandus Cat Club - Kiev, Ukraine 4AB 4AB/SP  
Mar 21-22 Ice City Cat Fans Club - Shenyang, China 8AB/1SP    
Mar 22 Cat's Incredible Inc - Matamoras, PA 5AB/1LHSP      
Mar 22 Coastal Paws Cat Club- Raleigh, NC 6AB        
Mar 22 Western Pennsylvania Cat Fanciers - Youngwood, PA 5AB/1SP      
Mar 22 Ozark Cat Fanciers - Cleburne, TX 5AB/1SP      
Mar 28 Los Colores Cat Club - Palm Springs, CA 6AB      
Mar 28 Greater Baton Rouge Cat Club - Gonzales, LA 5AB/1SP        
Mar 28 Tennessee Valley Cat Fanciers, Inc - Knoxville, TN 6AB      
Mar 28 Cat'N On The Fox and North Shore Cat Club - Wheaton, IL 5AB/1SP    
Mar 28 Cat Fanciers' Soc of Indonesia - Bandung, Indonesia 4AB    
Mar 28-29 Cat Friends of Germany - Niedernhausen, Germany 8AB      
Mar 28-29 China International Pedigree Cat Fanciers - Shanghai, China 10AB    
April 4 Mad Catters - Frederick, MD 6AB    
April 4 Cats of Wisconsin Cat Club - Waikesha, WI 4AB/2SP    
April 4 Oklahoma City Cat Club, Inc. - Oklahoma City, OK 6AB    
April 4-5 Crow Canyon Cat Club - Pleasanton, CA 8AB      
April 4-5 Mid-Ohio Cat Fanciers - Mansfield, OH 7AB & 3AB/SP    
April 4-5 China Pearl Feline Fanciers - Dalian, China 10AB    
April 5 Japan Shaded Fancier's - Tokyo, Japan 5AB/1SP    
April 11 Gasparilla Feline Friends - Melbourne, FL 6AB        
April 11 Delaware River Cats Club - Hammonton, NJ 4AB
April 11 Northwest Regional Benefit - Longview, WA 5AB/1SP      
April 11-12 Foot of The Rockies Cat Club and Abyssinian Midwest Breeders - Denver, CO 10AB          
April 11-12 Cats N Cats - Aumale, France 4AB/1SP
April 12 Warwick Valley Feline Fanciers - Hammonton, NJ 6AB      
April 12 United Feline Odyssey - Hong Kong, China 5AB    
April 18 Southeastern Persian Society and Southern Dixie Cat Club - Richmond, VA 6AB      
April 18 Cincinnati Cat Club - Cleves, OH 4AB/2SP  
April 18 North Texas Cat Club - Mesquite, TX 6AB          
April 18-19 Sushi Cats Cat Fanciers and Cornish Rex Breed Club - Ontario, CA 10AB      
April 18-19 German Catwalk - Luxembourg, Luxembourg 6AB/2AB/SP  
April 18-19 North Land Cat Fanciers - Sapporo, Japan 6AB/2SP    
April 19 Fort Worth Cat Club - Mesquite, TX 5AB/1SP          
April 19 National Birman Fanciers - Richmond, VA 5AB/1SP      

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