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2015 Show - Location Format  
April 25 Rip City Cats - Chehalis, WA 5AB/1SP      
April 25-26 America's Heartland - Springfield, IL 8AB    
April 25-26 Sign of The Cat Fanciers & NOVA Cat Fanciers - Easton, PA 8AB            
April 25-26 Cat Nation - Erie, PA 7AB/1SP      
April 25-26 China Phoenix Cat Club - Wu Han, China 9AB/1SP(LH)    
April 26 Hong Kong International Cat Club - Hong Kong, China 6AB      
April 26 Passion Feline Fanciers - Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia 6AB    
  END 2014-2015 SHOW SEASON    
  BEGIN 2015-2016 SHOW SEASON    
May 2-3 Rebel Rousers Cat Club & The National Alliance of Burmese Breeders -Lawrenceville, GA 6AB/2SP      
May 2-3 Seacoast Cat Club - Concord, NH 7AB/3SP        
May 9 Anthony Wayne Cat Fanciers - Ann Arbor, MI 5AB/1SP Coming Soon      
May 9 Mid South Cat Fanciers - Memphis, TN 5AB/1SP      
May 9 North Pacific Siamese Fanciers - Issaquah, WA 5AB/1SP      
May 10 Prime Gemini Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan 5AB/1SP    
May 23 Golden Triangle Cat Fanciers - Cambridge, ON Canada 4AB/SP
May 23 Superstition Cat Fanciers - Superstitiom Cat Fanciers 5AB/1SP      
May 30 Stars & Stripes Tabby & Tortie - Conroe, TX 5AB/1SP    
May 30 UK Cat Fanciers - Swanley, Kent England 6AB    
May 30-31 Cat Fancier's of Brazil - São Paulo, Brazil 3AB    
June 6-7 Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers - Parkville, MD 6AB/2SP Coming Soon  
June 6 Ocicat Trust Japan & British Shorthair Cat Club Japan - Taito-Ku, Japan 5AB/1SP    
June 13 Southwest Region - Palm Springs, CA 5AB/1SP      
June 13-14 Great Lakes Regional - Wilmington, OH 7AB/3SP Coming Soon        
June 13-14 Southern Regional - Duluth, GA 6AB/2SP Coming Soon  
June 20-21 Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers & Diamond State Cat Club Host the NAR Regional - York, PA 6AB/2SP Coming Soon  
July 18-19 Garden State Cat Club of New Jersey - Soomerset, NJ 5AB/3SP Coming Soon      
July 25 Motor City Jazz Club & Midwest Persian Tabby Fanciers - Taylor, MI 5AB/1SP Coming Soon  
July 25-26 Cat Fanciers Club of Thailand - Bangkok, Thailand 8AB    

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