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2021 Show - Location Format  
Shows are Coming Back! Watch this space for updates.
Sept 25 Freestate Feline Fanciers - Oaks, PA 4AB/2SP CLOSED  
Sept 25 True Love East China Fanciers Cat Club - Sichuan, China 1SP/3LH/1SH
Sept 25-26 Twin City Cat Fanciers - Crystal, MN 7AB/3SP CLOSED  
Sept 26 Freestate Feline Fanciers - Oaks, PA 4AB/2SP CLOSED  
Sept 26 Seattle Cat Club - Longview, WA 5AB/1SP      
Sept 26 Japan Tonkinese Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan 6AB
Oct 2 Kentucky Colonels and Great Lakes Abyssinian Devotees - Louisville, KY 5AB/1SP      
Oct 2 Greater Lancaster Feline Fanciers - York, PA 5AB/1SP    
Oct 9-10 Great Lakes Regional - Mansfield, OH 6AB/2SP        
Oct 9-10 Crow Canyon Cat Club - Pleasanton, CA 6AB/2SP      
Oct 16 Superstition Cat Fanciers - Phoenix, AZ 5AB/1SP      
Oct 16-17 Lucky Tomcat Club - Springfield, IL 6AB/2SP        
Oct 16-17 Emerald Cat Club - St. Helens, OR 5AB/1SP      
Oct 16-17 Cat-H-Art - Monoco 3SSP/2AB/1SP  
Oct 17 Al Andalus Cat Club - Madrid, Spain 3AB/1SP  
Oct 23 Lucky Penny Cat Club - Palm Springs, CA 5AB/1SP      
Oct 23 Something Hearts Cat Facniers - Asakusa, Japan 6AB
Oct 23-24 Indy Cat Club - Danville, IN 6AB/2SP      
Oct 23-24 China Peace & Love Club - China 2LH/3SH  
Oct 30 Buffalo Cat Fanciers - Hamburg, NY 5AB/1SP    
Oct 30 Cat Fanciers of Hawaii - Honolulu, HI
As of 9/21/21 this show has been cancelled
Oct 30 Comodo Cat Facniers - Aichi, Japan 5AB/1HL/1SH
Nov 6 Mo-Kan Cat CLub - Lenexa, KS 5AB/1SP    
Nov 6-7 Cotton States Cat Club - Duluth, GA 6AB/2SP          
Nov 7 Tokyo Cat Fanciers and Ameridream Cat Club - Tokyo, Japan 6AB
Nov 13 Alamo City Cat Club and Gulf Shore Regional - Seguin, TX 4AB/2SP      
Nov 13 Chatte Noir Club - Moscow, Russian Federation 6AB  
Nov 20 Delight Cat Fanciers - Tokyo, Japan 5AB/1LH/1SH
Nov 20-21 Land of Sky Cat Fanciers - Asheville, NC 7AB/3SP      
Nov 20-21 Las Vegas Cat Club - Henderson, NV 7AB/3SP          
Nov 20-21 44 Gatti - Vicenza, Italy 5SSP/1SP  
Nov 27-28 Cincinnati Cat Club and Queen City Cat Club - Hamilton, OH 7AB/3SP    

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