St Jean sur Richelieu...Closer than you think!
Boston-288 mi. New York City-362 mi. Syracuse-261 mi. Albany-211 mi.
Québec-246 km. Trios Rivières-163 km. Ottawa-223 km. Toronto-591 km.

Saturday Judges:
Nancy Dodds AB
Hilary Helmrich AB
Walter Hutzler AB
Sharon Roy SP
Sunday Judges:
Karen Lawrence AB
Roger Lawrence AB
Sheila Mizzi AB
Donna Davis SP

Show Managers: Paul Tremblay 514-692-3818
& Guy Godin 450-398-1031
Show Secretary: JoAnne Prima 514-684-6817
Vendor Info: Lyse Leblanc 514-692-3818
Early Bird Discounts
$5 off each entry if payment is post-marked by 9-15-10
Entry Clerk:
Lindsay Prima
6 Maisonneuve Dr. Dollards des Ormaux
QC H9B 1K4 Canada
Closing Date: Oct 4 at 3:00 p.m. or when filled
- Please be sure to use proper postage.
- 1st class stamp for US to Canada is ¢.75
- Please allow sufficient time for "snail mail"
   to Canada (can take 4-5 days)
Entry Fees:
1st Entry $57 US/CDN (includes catalog)
2nd Entry $53 US/CDN
3rd Entry $48 US/CDN
Package for 4 cats $170 US/CDN
ALL Household Pet Entries $40 US/CDN
Double Cage (limited) $25 US/CDN
Grooming Space $35 US/CDN
End-of-Row $20 US/CDN
Substitutions $10 US/CDN
C$ prices for Canadian Residents only
Click Here to Enter Online

ENTRIES: Must be submitted on an official CFA entry form. Phone entries not accepted. Please confirm fax or online entries with the Entry Clerk, the club will not be responsible for entries not received due to communication errors. All mailed entries must be sent with full payment. Checks should be made out to Alouette Cat Club. For faxed or on-line entries, full payment must be received within 10 days. Last minute entries must be paid cash at the door. No post-dated checks. Fees of $50.00 will be applicable for checks returned by the bank for any reason. Entry clerk will make collect calls if necessary.
SHOW HALL: École Secondaire Marcellin-Champagnat 14 Chemin des Patriotes Est in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC Canada J2X 5P9. This show hall is air conditioned & handicap accessible.
BENCHING: From 8:00 to 9:30 am Saturday and from 8:00 to 9:00 am on Sunday. Judging will start at 10:00 am on Saturday and 9:00 am on Sunday. Advertised show hours are 10-5 Saturday and 9-4 Sunday.
SHOW HOTEL: Auberge Harris576 Champlain Street Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3B 6X1 450-348-3821 or 800-668-3821.
ALTERNATE HOTEL: Holiday Inn Express 700 rue Gadbois Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu QC J3A 1V1 450-359-4466 or 888-825-4466.
OTHER:: Cage Size : 22’’X 22’’ X 22’’ minimum (US Cage format). Litter will be provided – bring your own pan. People food will be available. All Premiership, Championship and registered Kittens entries will be scored for CFA National and Regional Awards. **Kittens may be shown without a CFA registration number however their wins will not be scored for the National or Regional Awards.** All claws must be clipped prior to benching. No declawed entries are permitted. Cats or kittens must be clean and free of fungus, fleas, ear mites, and any contagious or infectious disease. This is not a vetted show. However, all entries should have current inoculations against feline enteritis, calici, panleukopenia and rhinotracheitis (please have your cat’s health certificates with you). *All cats must have current inoculations, including rabies, to cross the Canadian border. Please have the necessary health certificates.

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Show Flyer (PDF) in French
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