October 9 & 10, 2010 - Lakefront Arena, Parma, OH
450 Cat Limit - 6 AB & 2 SP Rings - Household Pets Welcome

Join us for a spooky time at our SCAREDY CAT SHOW!
Come as your favorite movie monster or the haunt of your nightmares. Dress up as the Giant Pumpkin. Decorate your cage with creepy crawlies. Be imaginative and have fun. Our theme colors of course are BLACK & ORANGE. As always, this is a family show so keep it decent, and try not to SPOOK our "scaredy cats".

Our Very Scary Judges:
Norm Auspitz AB
Gene Darrah AB
Diana Doernberg AB
Douglas Myers AB
Barbara Sumner AB
Annette Wilson AB
Kathy Calhoun SP
Sharon Powell LH
Anne Mathis SH

Entry Fees:
1st Entry $50 (inc catalog)
2nd Entry (same owner) $44
3rd Entry (same owner) $25
4th/Additional Entries (same owner) $20
Double Cage (with entry) $20
Grooming Space $25
End of Row Benching $10
Returned Check Fee $25
Entry Clerk:
Shirley Peet
415 Shore Dr. Joppa, MD 21085
410-679-1873 Fax: 410-679-1874
Show Managers
Linda Evasns 440-248-9491
and Mariane Toth 216-883-4954
Please no calls after 10pm

Show Secertary: Nancy Gebhard 330-837-9829. Vendors contact Nany Makita 440-331-9533.

Closing Date is October 4, 2010 or when 400 entries have been received. (Entry must be received by closing date.) Entry fees must be included with signed entry forms. Only one benching request will be accepted, so make it a good one. No entry fee will be returned. Checks payable (U.S. funds) to: CLEVELAND PERSIAN SOCIETY. Fees must accompany entries. $25 service charge for returned checks. Payments are first applied to any amounts owing.

Hours: Check-in on Saturday 8:30 9:30 a.m. Advertised show hours are 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Saturday and 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Sunday.

Show Hall: The show hall is air-conditioned. No smoking! Yummy people food will be available. The club will attempt to take reasonable care of cats and personal property, but will not be responsible for losses. Help us keep our show hall as neat and clean as possible, disposing properly of litter and keeping benching areas free of trash. DO NOT wash out litter pans in the restrooms and destroy the plumbing. Keeping this show hall clean will enable us to keep producing our October show. This is important to us; we hope it is important to you.

Show Hotel: Info will be sent with confirmation, and also will be posted on our website.

All cats must be present until the completion of judging unless permission to leave is granted by the Show Manager. All entries should be inoculated by a licensed veterinarian against feline enteritis, feline rhinotracheitis, calici viruses and rabies and tested for FeLV before entry. Cats must be free of fungus, fleas and ear mites.
All claws of all entries must be clipped prior to benching!

Designated ribbons will be awarded for first, second and third places. All Championship, Premiership and registered Kitten entries will be scored for CFA National and Regional awards. Registration numbers of cats must be printed in the catalog. Registration numbers of kittens must be printed or written in the catalog to be scored. CFA rules will be strictly enforced. Current Show Rules ($5.00) and Show Standards (Single Breed Free/ Complete Set $7.00) may be obtained from: CFA, 1805 Atlantic Ave. Manasquan, NJ 08736-1005.

All Household Pets over 8 months must be neutered or spayed. No declawed cats will be permitted to enter. No kittens under 4 months of age will be permitted in the show hall.

Cage size: 22 x 22 x 22. Novice exhibitors, please bring cage curtains and grooming aids. All cats must be brought to the show hall in some sort of container. As a minimum, litter will be provided. To be safe, bring your own litter box, dishes and food.

RING CLERKS & STEWARDS: Please contact Ed Bodnovich, 440-439-1749, of availability to clerk or steward at the show.

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