John Adelhoch (AB & HHP)
Kathy Black (AB & HHP)
Ken Currle (AB & HHP)
Marilee Griswold (AB & HHP)
Sharon Roy (AB & HHP)
Russell Webb (SP & HHP)
Entry Clerk
Nicole Turk
13812 York Blvd.
Garfield Heights, OH 44125
Phone 419-606-2021
(Calls 4:30-10 pm EDT only)

FOUR PACK SPECIAL! ANY 4 entries (same owner) $160
FREE 1/2 Cage with 3, 5, OR 7 Entries (1 per exhibitor)
Show Manager &
Vendors/Clerk Contact

Jeri Zottoli
Phone 717-232-4737
Show Manager
Deb Noggle
Phone 717-652-2593
Entry Fees
$52 1st Entry (includes catalog)
$46 2nd Entry (same owner)
$40 3rd Entry (same owner)
$25 Miscellaneous Breeds
$25 Double (extra 1/2) Cage
$30 Grooming Space
$10 Non-Handicap End of Row
$50 Bounced Check Fee
FIRM Closing Date
Monday December 23, 2019 @ 10 pm EST (no extensions) or when show fill @ 225

Entry & Payment Information: Entries are accepted now. Entry Fees include CFA & Regional surcharges. Please email entry clerk to confirm online entries. Per show rule 6.21 each entry must be accompanied by the stipulated entry fee. All online/fax entries must be paid in full within 10 days of receipt or prior to the start of the show, whichever is first. Make checks payable to Finicky Felines; Entries paid at the door must be paid in cash (US$). No substitutions after the closing date. No refunds after the entry clerk has confirmed your entry or for failure to bench. Check your confirmation for accuracy and contact the entry clerk with any corrections BEFORE THE CLOSING DATE.
Show Hall: Leesport Farmers Market 312 Gernants Church Rd. Leesport, PA 19533 Phone 610-926-1307. Excellent people food will be available in the show hall. The show hall is heated and handicapped accessible. No smoking is allowed in the show hall. Reasonable care will be taken of cats and personal property, but show management and Finicky Felines Society are not liable for loss, injury or damages.
Show Hotel: Crowne Plaza Reading 1741 Papermill Rd. Reading, PA 19610 Phone: 610-376-3811 (front desk). A block of rooms will be available thru December 24, 2019 at a special show rate of $99 plus $15 non-refundable pet fee. To reserve click this link or Call Reservations at 877-814-2538 and reference Group Name: Finicky Feline Society with Group Code: FFS
Check in: 7 8:30 am. Any cat not benched by 8:30 will be marked absent. Judging will begin at 9 am. Advertised closing time is 4 pm.
Scoring: All entries in Championship (except Novice), Premiership (except Novice), registered Kittens, recorded Household Pets, and registered cats competing as Household Pets with a Household Pet color class prefix will be scored for CFA awards. Owners of cats/kittens without registration numbers can contact the entry clerk for a Temporary Registration Number.
Household Pets: All entries must be at least 4 months old; all entries 8 months or older must be neutered or spayed. Entries may not be declawed.
Benching: Cage size is approximately 22"x22"x22" and is included with your entry. Exhibitors with a single entry using any size security cage are required to purchase an extra 1/2 cage. Bring cage curtains (or coverings) to cover the sides, top and bottom of the cage. Litter will be provided, but not litter pans. Please inform the entry clerk (on the entry form) if you have your own security cage.
Health: It is strongly advised that all cats or kittens entered or present in the show hall be inoculated before entry by a licensed veterinarian against feline panleukopenia (formerly known as feline distemper or feline infectious enteritis), feline rhinotracheitis, calicivirus and rabies. It is also strongly recommended that cats and kittens be tested and found negative for FeLV before entry. The exhibitor of any entry showing evidence of fungus, fleas, ear mites or any contagious disease will be asked to remove that entry as well as their other entries from the show hall. All cats/kittens must have all claws clipped prior to benching. Declawed cats are not eligible for competition.
Finicky Felines Society reserves the right to substitute judges in case of illness or emergency. By entering exhibitors agree to abide by the decisions of the judges and the show committee and to adhere to CFA show rules. Copies of CFA show rules may be obtained for $7 each from CFA, 260 E. Main St. Alliance, OH 44601.

Show Flyer (PDF)
Directions to Show Hall & Hotel
CFA Entry Form (PDF)

Fairchild Feral Friends Foundation will be present at our show.
Please bring a donation of cat food to help support this vital organization.

Fairchild Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, entirely supported by private donations.
Your donations are tax deductible.