Straight And Curl Cat Club

December 20-21, 2008

Best Cat in Championship - GC, RW Kuorii Santos of Cuzzoe

Breeder: Paolo Carnevaletti, Owners: Paolo Carnevaletti,
Justin Pelletier and Brandon Moore
I always try to get a picture of a cage that has one of each ornament. This year such a cage was easy to find, we had several cats who ran the finals. But I chose this history making cat. I believe he is the first cat to be best across the board at Straight and Curl. This is unofficial, because I wasn't really keeping track, but I just don't remember it ever happening before. Anyhow, this kitty is a treat to see and we're very lucky that his European breeder has sent him to the US for all of us to enjoy.

Best Kitten - Kittyflora's Very Impatien

Best Cat in Premiership - Deydream High Hopes

I will add breeders and owners as soon as I can find my catalog! Sorry!

The Pickle Hunt!

The hunt for the pickle is always a highlight of the show, you can read about Legend of the Christmas Pickle at our online flyer. This year, we had a lively hunt with a live tree that looked like it was out on a wild mountain side with creatures still living in it. The winner this year was Sarah Sieffert, shown here with her very own pickle ornament (she's holding the same type of pickle ornament the hunters have to find so you can see it's a tough contest). Below her are two pictures of the hunters in action.

The Ornament tree

A new event this year - the ornament exchange. Some exhibitors brought ornaments to decorate our small tree and took a different ornament home. I wanted all of them!


Donna Jean Thompson was in the holiday spirit! She livened up the finals by asking the owners to sing Christmas carols. The whole hall stopped to listen to the cheery sound.

Santa's Visit!

And what Straight and Curl show could be complete without a visit from Santa himself! This year, Santa visited each judge and asked them for their Christmas wish list. The list included a Lamborghini, a winning lottery ticket, a lap dance, and a houseboy that does windows. I think most of us in the cat fancy would like that houseboy item. Santa also visited a few others, including CFA's very own Walmart Greeter, and he handed out presents with the expert assistance of one of his trusty elves. Enjoy the photos!

That's all for this year! See you in 2009 at the next Straight and Curl show!