Whether you’re campaigning for a National Win or trying to grand a cat, you need to keep track of your points. Here are a few tools exhibitors should find useful. And for those of you that are new to the Cat Fancy check out “New Bee”.

Claim your CH or PR title then keep up-to-date on your grand points using “Herman” online. Print out a point chart (best viewed in color) and use the Show Record (two versions) to keep track of your rings and point totals. Subscribe to the CFA Online Almanac to view E-Points. And if you’re really adventurous try your hand at producing a show report and don’t forget to post it to one of the Yahoo Group lists or email it Cat Shows US!! so everyone can see the results.

The articles section will hopefully help to answer those frequently asked questions; such as When do I need to do a catalog correction?
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Some of the following files have been created using Adobe Acrobat, and in order to use one of these forms you will need to download a free copy of Acrobat Reader, which is available for use with all major computer platforms.

Championship or Premiership Claim Form (PDF)

"Herman" Online

National/Regional and Grand Point Chart (PDF)

Show Record (version 1) keep track of your cat's points (Excel)
Show Record (version 2-Adults) keep track of your cat's points (Excel)
Show Record (version 2-Kittens) keep track of your cat's points (Excel)

Link to CFA Online Almanac *
* a subscription is necessary to access this publication

Score Finals and Produce a Show Report (Excel)
Score Finals for a 10 Ring Show and Produce a Show Report (Excel)

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